A lot of writers have day jobs. We don’t talk about them much. They ruin the glamourous image people have of us – lurking in coffee shops, sucking up the wifi, using all the plugs, and making one small cup of tea last an eternity.  Personally I’m lucky in that I not only have a day job that I love, but it’s also a day job that lets me use my creativity every day. I make my living with words, they just aren’t always about superheroes or ghosts or robot-dinosaurs.

One of the products I work with every day is our CMS and e-commerce product,.Gravit-e, and I love it. We built it from the ground up and we have very happy customers. Some of our customers are former (or as we call them “reformed”) WordPress users who come to us because they can’t get everything they want and need on WordPress.

So, if I’ve got this incredible tool at my fingertips, why do I run my personal site on WordPress?

Short answer: I’m the World’s Biggest Tinkerer.

I love technology. I love hacking away at code and, if I’ve got a spare few hours, I’ll reinvent the wheel three times over (minimum). Looking back over the past few years I know I’ve rebuilt my personal site ten times or more… but I’ve posted a fraction of the content I could have.

Anyone who knows anything about building a strong web presence will tell you

Content is King

And, in my role as an “Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur”, a strong web presence is crucial to what I do.

Live is better than perfect

My spin on Sheryl Sandberg’s quote is a reminder to me that an amazing  website that only exists on my laptop is not as useful to me as an imperfect website that is live and reaching my audience (Hi Mum!)

I’m not saying that quality doesn’t matter. You can tell from this blog, I hope, that I only post when I have something to say. I’m still committed to creating content worth creating… I’m just not going to spend my writing time building Yet Another Content Management System.

From now on, when it comes to my website, I’m going to let others do the heavy lifting. I may tweak a theme here, a plugin there, and I’ll still be hacking at writing tools. But when I come here, I’ll be coming here to write.

Today’s writing advice is simply this – Writing time is sacred. Use it wisely.