My new WordPress theme, polymath, is very close to completion.

Mobile testing is now complete and I’m happy with the layouts. The key break point is for small tablets; anything smaller than that gets the “mobile” single-column version and anything larger gets a multi-column version.

Widget areas and Masonry layout

I’m looking at better options for mixing in the widgets with the grid and ensuring that this is compatible with infinite scroll.

What I would like to achieve is a setup where you have up to ten widget areas that are mixed in with your content. This would allow users to include advertising, calls to action, or important content in their layout without heavily compromising the masonry aesthetic. What I need to ensure is that these additional elements don’t repeat themselves every time a set of posts is reloaded via the Infinite Scroll.

I will also be adding at least one new widget area to the footer and perhaps some special widget areas for use on pages and single posts.

Outputting videos at the excerpt

You may have noticed that videos and images now automatically get a double width grid and my first “aside” post (longer than a status, shorter than a post being my definition of an aside!) and seen how this shares the entirety of its content at the grid level without requiring a click through.

This is currently being done by just calling the_content(), but I will be looking at ways to do this without bringing through all of the text that may be included in a video or audio post as this does have a very big impact on layout.

When will polymath be available?

I am aiming to upload polymath to in April of this year.