If you’ve been keeping up with the evolution of the Polymath theme, you might have noticed that things have gone a little.. blue. (Or, if you’re catching up late, then there’s a good chance that the blog has changed to a different colour entirely… being mercurial is a part of my alleged charm).

All of the colour coding in the CSS is now controlled through WordPress Customizer, a somewhat arduous process but ultimately worth it to ensure that Polymath is as flexible as I want it to be. Not everyone shares my passion for monochrome themes and not everyone has a grasp on CSS either. Customizer options, for me, are therefore essential to ensuring that a theme is flexible enough to be put to use by a wide range of users.

I’ve still got a little work to do, creating enough colour options to cover the header, footer, and body areas.

After that, I’ll be moving on to adding control over typography styles and, at that point, Polymath should start looking and feeling like a finished theme that’s ready to be shared.