After another few hours of hacking, and I think Authorsite is starting to really take shape. It’s still monochromatic, it still has lots of widget areas, and it is slowly developing a sort of “newsprint” look that I personally really like.

The next challenge will be learning how to use the WordPress Customiser and making sure that all of the options either work or are removed before I start thinking about what options I might want to provide to users myself.

Other changes:

  1. Swapped the main text font – turns out Cutive doesn’t have an ellipsis character. Lora is the new main text font.
  2. Wider, block coloured footer (or “colophon” as WordPress calls it)
  3. More work tidying up the wooCommerce output

All of the typography is now running in rems, which means everything is relative to a base size. This should make it easy later to introduce some media queries and have the font size be a bit cleverer when dealing with different devices (I’m relying on vw at the moment).

The main authorsite.css has had a bit of a tidy up as well, so things are logically structured for anyone who comes along after me.