More changes to Authorsite today as a I chase down the “perfect” super-flexible, minimalist, monochromatic theme for writers and authors on WordPress.

I’ve changed the layout of categories, archives, searches etc. to make the Featured Images smaller and increase the amount of text on the page at any one time. It also makes the Featured Image worth having when you drill down to a specific article, rather than it just being a same-size and same-place repeat of what you’ve already seen. Sidebars and footers are currently decked out in a very fetching shade of Gainsboro, something I would like to make configurable in the final version.

wooCommerce support has been further improved with some more formatting, but there is definitely more work to do in this area. One particular area I am happy with is where I’ve added some CSS to reformat the “List of Products” widgets if they are placed in one of the widget areas that are intended to be used in a landscape orientation rather than portrait. I’m planning to add another three widget areas in a concealed/collapsible menu, something that I’ve not seen on any other free theme so far.

The underscores (AKA _s) base theme continues to be a boon and a nightmare in equal measure. It is a great way to start out with building your own theme, but the default CSS strays into setting font-size, padding, and margins too much for my liking. I want a vanilla theme to be just that – vanilla. I had planned to keep the styles.css of _s untouched and just add my own overrides to my own .css file, but I will need to review the content of that file now to tidy things up.