True to my word, I’ve been working on a new WordPress theme specifically tailored to writers who want a flexible writing workspace with enough features to help them promote and sell their books.

I’m not ready to put the theme up on just yet, but quite a bit of progress has been made including

  1. Fixed top of page menu
  2. At least 9 fully working widget areas
  3. 50-70% complete wooCommerce support
  4. Fully responsive
  5. Monochrome colour scheme

Having not built a theme before some things are taking a little longer than I would like and I’ve yet to look at what is required in the WordPress Customiser to ensure that my design choices are forced on anyone who wants to use my theme.

In the meantime, I’m pretty happy with how the front page is shaping up now. It feels more like a “landing page” and less like a blog, which is what I was going for. The #yearofbrandingdangerously continues…