Todoist allows you to use an existing project as a template – saving the project out to a CSV file that can then be re-imported.

If you fall behind with adding tasks to Todoist or are passed a task list from another system, this same CSV import technique can be a great way of quickly creating a large number of tasks.

The CSV file format supports the addition of notes, indenting of tasks, and setting of priorities and schedules.

However, with the only way of creating a template being to add tasks to Todoist to start with, the utility of this function is somewhat limited.

Enter the Todoist Project Template Creator

I created the Todoist Project Template Creator to bridge the gap between a system that can produce a plain-text output (including a human entering tasks into a text file) and Todoist.

Using a simple mark-up format, the Todoist Project Template Creator converts your plain-text data into a CSV file that can be imported into Todoist.

To run the app, visit Todoist Project Template Creator

What’s supported?

The following features are supported:

  1. Tasks
  2. Sub-tasks, up to level 5 (the deepest Todoist can go)
  3. Notes

What’s on the Roadmap?

  1. Adding dates to tasks
  2. Adding dates based on a X days from today formula