Here’s a template to quickly add Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat story structure to a Todoist project.

Blake Synder’s “Save the Cat” is one of my favourite pieces of “story engineering”. As a technologist, I love to find design patterns that work and are repeatable – my friends in Hollywood are much the same it would appear!

If you’re not familiar with Save the Cat it is a 15 beat structure that seems to fit any film you want to throw at it. I find it works equally well for comic books (especially 22 page 1 shots) novels, and anything else I’ve tried. I’ve developed a Google sheet that works out when each beat should happen for any length piece of work (which I’ll share in a future post) but for now, I wanted to share my Blake Snyder Save the Cat Todoist Template.

You can import the CSV file (download link above) into any Todoist project and it will instantly give you a 15 point checklist to work through when plotting your story. Alternatively, if your story is written but something feels wrong, you can use this checklist to make sure you’ve hit all your major story beats.