iCalify creates project-specific iCal feeds for your Todoist projects

Todoist provides a iCal feed of all your tasks with deadlines and schedules. However, it only provides one feed which isn’t ideal if you want to share your calendar with somebody else and don’t want them to see everything you have in Todoist.

For example, you might have some personal tasks in Todoist that you don’t want to include in the feed for your work calendar.

iCalify works by reading your existing Todoist iCal feed and then filtering out events that don’t match a list of approved projects that you provide.

Simply configure it online and subscribe to the URL provided.

Your filtered iCal will update whenever you call it with whatever data Todoist is currently including in your iCal feed.

Caveat: Sometimes Todoist takes a while to update iCal feeds – these aren’t live feeds as far as I can tell.

You can create multiple iCalify feeds from the same iCal with different lists of included projects too – each configuration gets a unique URL.

Privacy Statement

iCalify does not store any of the parameters that you use and does not take any copies of your iCal data as it passes through the system.