There are currently three versions of Bubble available.


What is the future for Bubble?

Bubble remains freely available for anyone who wants to use it for as long as possible.

The next challenge for Bubble is to merge the plain-text and WYSIWYG branches together so that you can switch between WYSIWYG and plain-text and import and export between the two formats.

The WYSIWYG version currently relies on numerical hotkeys to switch formats, this feature will remain available but will be enhanced with a tab-based progression so that hitting tab will cycle you through the available formats for the piece of text you are working with.

Last, but not least, Bubble will be enhanced to allow you to log in and store your scripts in the cloud. Initially, these will be stored within Bubble itself but support for cloud storage systems such as Dropbox and Google Drive is something I would like to add.

And, finally, a dedicated home on the web

Bubble has been a bit of a “digital hobo”, laying its head on various domains since I first created it as a free alternative to applications such as Final Draft, Scrivener, Celtx, and Comixwriter – all of which either don’t handle comics well or have turned out (in Comixwriter’s case) to be vapourware.

Bubble may, or may not, be re-branded when it finds its new home on the web… watch this space.

  • I LOVE Bubble 2.0 but I cannot get it work anymore, as far as unable to type anything into or use any hot key etc. Please help!

    • chris

      Hi Dennis,

      Looks like it was a problem with a bad location on a JQuery file. This has been fixed now and Bubble should work fine for you.

      I tested in Chrome 58.0.3029.110

      Best wishes,