Finding the right theme for your Wordpress site is hard.


A lot of writers have day jobs. We don't talk about them much. They ruin the glamourous image people have of us - lurking in coffee shops, sucking up the wifi, using all the plugs, and making one small cup of tea last an eternity.  Personally I'm lucky in that I not only have a day job that I love, but it's also a day job that lets me use my creativity every day. I make my living with words, they just aren't always about superheroes or ghosts or robot-dinosaurs.


Wordpress is the de-facto standard for writers who want to set up a website to publicise their work. It's such an important part of the eco-system for writers that I use it even though I run a business that has its own content management platform!


One of the reasons that I decided to build the latest iteration of my website in Wordpress was the Wordpress Android and the option of integrating Wordpress to other platforms that I use through the Wordpress XML RPC Interface. If "Content is King" the ability to add content to my site wherever I am (and whenever it is) is a powerful feature.


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