JQuery Hotkeys and KeyDown Explorer

Capturing keydown events at the document level in JQuery is an effective way of adding shortcut keys to a web-based application. The code to bind a particular key combination is relatively simple: $(document).ready(function() { $(document).bind(‘keydown’, function (evt){ event.preventDefault(); /* Add your code here */ }); }); This code works in IE (Edge) and Chrome. Firefox, […]

Building a better WordPress for Writers

WordPress is the de-facto standard for writers who want to set up a website to publicise their work. It’s such an important part of the eco-system for writers that I use it even though I run a business that has its own content management platform! Despite this, I don’t think WordPress offers a great experience for […]

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Loop through rows and cells in a table using JQuery

It is possible to loop through the rows and cells in a HTML table using JQuery. This can be really useful for parsing data you might not be able to change the output of or applying some clever formatting to a table after it has been output. The code below assumes that you know the […]

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