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Scripting complete for Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne

The script for our not for profit fan film, “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne”, is now complete and in the hands of the cast and crew.

I’m hugely excited by the script – it was immense fun to write. Playing in my ersatz DC toybox has been slightly addictive and the toughest thing about completing this script was accepting that it did have to end.

Hopefully BTEOBW will be a success and I’ll take a trip back into my Gotham some time soon.

For now it’s a waiting game as the cast begin working of their performances, and the script hasn’t pulled any punches in what it asks of them, and the crew begin assembling the real world versions of the things in my head.

Right now I’ve seen costumes, some props, and the fight team have been hard at work turning our actors into fighters so that they can deliver the action sequences in the way that we want.

It’s a long road to Gotham yet, but I’m still loving every step.

Teaser Trailer for Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne

I am immensely proud to reveal the teaser for my forthcoming feature “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne”.

As a not-for-profit fan-film, we will be looking to raise funds via Kickstarter to cover the cost of making the movie.

Triskelion has already put together a fantastic crew and a cast that features some familiar faces from both Offworld and popular web series such as “Whovians”. I’ve seen the audition pieces the cast put together and they are fantastic. I can’t wait to see what this team can do with the script.

For my part, I have been working on the script for a number of months, starting it whilst we were still putting the finishing touches to the “Offworld” script and I think, personally, it is one of the most fun things that I’ve ever, ever written. Some of my favorite Batman stories are those where he comes face to face with the occult and the supernatural and this movie is definitely in that vein. I won’t spoil the story but with a cast that includes Zatanna, Felix Faust, and the Joker, I hope you can get an idea of what direction we are moving in.

Plus, if you know your DC lore, you might be able to pick up a little bit of extra information in the teaser if you follow Zatanna’s advice and sdrawkcab ti ot netsil.

Till next time, Bat-fans.