#comicbookhour Question 5: What are the best examples of realistic comics you can think of?

When thinking about “realistic” comic books, the first and most defining factor has to be whether the comic book includes “superheroes” or not. I’m not necessarily talking about superpowers either – there’s not much realistic about Batman in many of his incarnations, for example. Comic books are not restricted to telling stories about superheroes. There […]

#comicbookhour Question 4: Is there a risk of offending people by using reality based content as plot points?

Today, there seems to be a risk of offending somebody no matter what you write. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the popular idea that people are more easily offended today than in the past. I do think that often people describe things as offensive when actually they mean something else, something more subjective and therefore […]

#comicbookhour Question 3: Can a comic be bad because of how far it goes to be realistic?

I think this is a case of genre. Superhero books, generally, do not benefit from large doses of realism. The first example that springs to mind is the run in Nightwing when Dick Grayson ends up on crutches after being injured in the line of, duty. He ends up undercover in a crime family as […]