The library kept all of its books under lock and key, behind three-inch thick glass etched with runes from every major arcane school of thought, watched twenty-four hours a day. They weren’t especially dangerous books, they weren’t even magical in and of themselves, and they certainly weren’t rare. However, they Continue Reading

Hypergraphia was originally published in colour in the pages of the anthology Insomnia Publications “Choices”.

The story was illustrated by the very talented Valia Kapadai. There’s a high body count and Valia and I came up with the idea of asking people to support the anthology not only by buying a copy but by letting us murder them in various graphic ways. Take up was disturbingly high… see if you can spot any of the UK Indie Presses Alums on the killing floor.


Richard was a ski instructor. In fact, he was the world’s last ski instructor… and that made him just about the most important person in the world. Or what was left of it. After the bombs, there were only three things that mattered. There were the survivors, who mattered because they Continue Reading

Ben stalked along the tow path, following the canal. It had been three weeks, since she went missing. Three weeks of searching. Three weeks of hoping. Three weeks of being told to give up, to move on. Maybe it was hopeless, but Ben didn’t care. Ben never gave up. That Continue Reading

Capturing keydown events at the document level in JQuery is an effective way of adding shortcut keys to a web-based application. The code to bind a particular key combination is relatively simple: $(document).ready(function() { $(document).bind(‘keydown’, function (evt){ event.preventDefault(); /* Add your code here */ }); }); This code works in Continue Reading