Novlr is a relatively “new kid on the block” as novel writing software goes. I’ve been tracking it for a while, watching the feature list expand and dipping in for a free trial from time to time. This month, I signed up for the pay-monthly package. As endorsements go, I suppose that’s the Continue Reading

The bridge set from Offworld, our beloved Tantalus II, has been sold. Huge, huge thanks to everyone who bid – we reached our target of £300, which means much needed funds for the project and the promised donation to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cardiff International Comic Expo is back in Cardiff’s Masonic Hall on July 8th. With “comic” conventions increasingly dominated by movies, TV, and (weirdly) wrestling, it’s refreshing to have a convention that truly celebrates the comics medium and is prepared to put it center stage. There’s a fantastic guest list, even Continue Reading

With the cockpit/bridge shots behind us, the dauntless Team Offworld find ourselves in possession of a rather swanky looking spaceship set. And, a bit like when Han lost the Falcon to Lando, it can be yours. We’ve made no secret of the fact that making a film is expensive and even with our Continue Reading Microsoft have laid the blame for the WannaCry cyber attack on the NSA who they accused of “hoarding” software vulnerabilities and code to exploit them. Information now coming out as Microsoft’s patch for the problem is analysed appears to show that Microsoft had the fix ready in February. If Continue Reading

Microsoft responded quickly to the WannaCry global cyber attack, releasing a patch for the defunct Windows XP operating system. Since then it’s focussed its attention to launching scathing attacks against governmental agencies, such as the NSA, who have been “stockpiling” software vulnerabilities for their own purposes. There is a strong Continue Reading

New discovery – Belphegor’s Prime. It’s a prime number that is also a palindrome. It’s named after the Prince of Hell for ingenious inventions because it contains two sets of 13 zeroes with 666 in the centre. The palindromic prime number is 1000000000000066600000000000001.  

Aimee Hibbard from Sticky Ink Studios has delivered some fantastic cast photos for Offworld. If you’re following us on Facebook then you will already have seen them but, for those who aren’t… here they are.

I absolutely love the utilitarian style of the Tantalus II crew uniforms and how versatile they are in terms of how the actors choose to wear them. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action!

Offworld Cast Photos Part 1

When thinking about “realistic” comic books, the first and most defining factor has to be whether the comic book includes “superheroes” or not. I’m not necessarily talking about superpowers either – there’s not much realistic about Batman in many of his incarnations, for example.

Comic books are not restricted to telling stories about superheroes. There are crime books, western books, “slice of life” emotional dramas, etc. etc. To my shame, this isn’t a part of the comic book world I know a huge amount about.

Realism, quite frankly, isn’t the job of the kind of comic book I enjoy the most.

But, when thinking about the best example of a realistic comic book the comic that springs to mind is something quite different, but something I think fits the brief. I’m talking about The Punisher Armory.

The Punisher Armory stretches the definition of a comic book. Yes, it’s a combination of pictures and words, but this isn’t a sequential narrative. It’s a series of pictures, quite brilliant pictures in my view, accompanied by technical descriptions of the Punisher’s various weapons (mostly guns, but not exclusively) and his personal opinions on them. I remember reading and re-reading these over and over again, there was something utterly fascinating about the way in which the technical details were mixed in with the Punisher’s own psychology and story. It’s a great example of how you can create engaging prose out of anything, if you work at it.

Why The Punisher Armory is genius in one page and one picture..

This gun isn’t a very good gun.

This gun shoots no known caliber, barely has sights and doesn’t even shoot what it does shoot very well.

It’s no ‘wonder nine’, accepts no scope of any kind; has no accessories for that matter, unless you count the ratty, vinyl-like holster that came with it.

It certainly isn’t gun-metal tough ; I probably could shatter it with my bare hands. It most likely would rust, if I let it. But it’s my most important gun.

When it saw its heaviest duty, it was the best gun there was. It could slide from that low-slung holster like a natural thought. It fired fifty, well-placed rounds squarely into the bad guys, whether they were gangsters or Indians or just young buddies up the block.

This was my little boy’s gun. Now I hold onto it and now and then, use it.

According to Comic Vine, The Punisher Armory was written by Don Daley. That may not be a name you’re immediately familiar with, but I’d suggest you check out his work. The man knows his characterisation… and his guns.

I was really disappointed to discover that there isn’t a trade paperback of The Punisher Armory. There’s not even a Kindle or Comixology version. Looks like it’s off to eBay for me, as I have no idea where my old copies are and I really, really want to read it again.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled a small gallery of pages from The Punisher Armory that I’ve scrapped up from the internet. (Thanks Google Image Search!)

#comicbookhour Question 5: What are the best examples of realistic comics you can think of?