Over the next few weeks (or maybe months) I will be revisited one of my earlier prose works, “The Magpye”, for a serious re-edit. The updated version will be re-published on Amazon (and made available to anyone who already bought the book) and an updated set of sample chapters will be posted up to the website.

Revisiting old work is strange. You notice style changes; things you used to do but don’t anymore. Sometimes these are things you like, sometimes now. Sometimes there’s the thrill of hitting a piece of writing that really works. Sometimes… the opposite.

Imperfection is the only thing that can be guaranteed, I suppose.

It’s got me thinking about whether having the kind of unimpeachable digital archive of our lives that social media provides is a good thing or not. I quite like being able to edit my past in my head, discarding the bad bits and hanging on to the good. My Facebook and Twitter feed, by contrast, offer only a stark and perfect recollection of things as they were, not how I wish to believe they might have been.

That is, perhaps, a different story.