Hello Everyone.

I’ve hinted at #ironwriter a few times here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but we’re finally ready to explain what this challenge is all about and what it’s in aid of.

It’s this – http://www.autumnstar.co.uk/

Autumn Star is a charity very, very close to my heart and whilst I’m not the kind of person to run a marathon or jump out of a plane, I’ve been known to knock out a story or two in my time. I thought it was maybe time to do something useful with that.

So, I’m bringing back my old “live writing” gig to raise some money for a very deserving cause and a very special little girl. Autumn and her family are just about the bravest people I know… please, please offer them your support.

All you have to do is pick a few random (or not so random) things you would like me to include in your short story and make a donation via PayPal. All of the details are on Autumn’s website. I’ll be writing the stories at Comic Con Cymru on 24th and 25th of September. Lee, Autumn’s father, definitely won’t be giving me any sneak peeks and there will be no head starts allowed!

You’ll be able to donate and get a story at the convention as well but if you can’t make it then this is your chance to still be involved with this really great cause. Plus, the more people who donate in advance the bigger a backlog I’ll start the day with. If you’ve got a mean streak, put it to good use – donate and make my #ironwriter challenge that bit harder 😉

The more this hurts, the more money we will have raised so… bring it on guys!

Challenge me and donate here – http://www.autumnstar.co.uk/ironwriter-challenge

Thanks for reading, double thanks if you’re clicking that link right now and leaving your donation.