The Sunday of any two-day weekend convention is always quieter than the Saturday; some people go home and the crowd you do get on a Sunday contains a lot of people who were there on Saturday.

From a hard-nosed “selling comics off my stall” perspective, that often means Sunday can be a bit of a “dead day”, but a great day for networking and seeing your friends who’ve been trapped behind their stalls all day Saturday.

No so today.

Starting with a two story back-log from yesterday and some new face-to-face requests (with very generous donations) first thing in the morning meant I didn’t really get my head up from the typewriter until midday.

I did manage a few very quick tours around the convention before some new requests came in via text from Lee (Autumn’s dad) who was monitoring the website all day. It turns out that the PayPal link may not have been working properly for anyone with a Mac or iPhone, but thankfully people let us know and persevered to their requests through.

Before I knew it, it was the end of Day Two of #ironwriter.

I’ve written… a lot. In between challenges I was good to my word and kept writing (except for my brief forays out into the show). I’ve had a lot of compliments on my typewriter (the simply gorgeous Adler Contessa) and most people seem to have “got it” and understood what I was doing, and why. I’ve done “live writing” a few times before, but never with such a good reason. If there was any pressure at all, it was just the pressure of wanting to turn in a good sized donation after all the weeks of plugging the event and practicing my typing.

And now, the scores…

The net results, after online donations and cash were counted, was that we raised £111. I was really hoping to break three figures and I’m immensely grateful to everyone who donated and showed their support.

My first experiment with marathon writing has been a success. If I’m not careful, this could become “a thing” (that’s what the kids say, right?)