Day One of Comic Con Cymru, and #ironwriter, are behind me.

Before I deliver the obligatory “con report”, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who donated to today, either at the convention or online. People who bought stories were far more generous than I thought they would be and together with the online donations, I’m hoping we did well for Autumn today.

Thanks also to all the people who shared the link today or tweeted their support.

Tomorrow will be a slightly shorter day I expect, the second day of a convention normally is, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed (when I’m not typing) that we can add a decent number of donations to the total tomorrow.

Meanwhile, physically, I’m exhausted and I ache – something a grade above the normal “day at a convention” fatigue so any early night before Day Two beckons.

Writing turned out to be a little easier than I thought in respect of getting ideas flowing and dealing with unusual requests (and there were unusual requests). Typing was much harder – I don’t feel like I hit a good, error free stride until somewhere after lunch. The convention today seemed very long, maybe because we were indoors with no natural light and half the overhead lights were out as well! Day One was spent in a sort of strange twilight, a permanent 7.30 pm that really screwed with my sense of time.

But I won’t complain. The aches don’t matter. The gashed cuticle where my finger vanished into the workings of the typewriter doesn’t matter. Exhaustion doesn’t matter. I just want to hit a total we can be proud of.

So, if you didn’t have a go at making my brain melt yet – here’s your chance.

  1. Wander over to
  2. Put in your random place, person, and thing and submit your challenge.
  3. Make a donation

It doesn’t matter how big the donation is – big or small, you’ll be showing your support to very brave little girl who needs people in her corner at the moment.