Following on from my successful collaboration with Terry Cooper on The Black Room, I have signed to work with Terry yet again as co-writer for the OffWorld screenplay. OffWorld is a science fiction feature film being made in Wales that has already had a successful crowd-funding campaign, raising more than double its target in just 15 days (and with 15 days still to go as I write this).

The odd thing about writing this message is that, in just two sentences, I have somehow encapsulated something rather incredible and momentous(at least for me).

We’re making a feature film.

You’ll find all the official news either on the newly minted site for Black Room Films or over at Facebook.

This blog is where you’ll find my more personal diary on the project as I share my experiences of co-writing a screenplay for a real film, with a real budget, being acted out by real people.

Apparently, we’re making a goddamn honest-to-goodness feature film.

(And right now, I am trying very hard not to be scared)