Request an #ironwriter story

Want to challenge the #ironwriter? Great! Just fill in the form below to request your story and don’t forget to donate at Just Giving!

What are these “Inspiration” things?

You need to specify at least one thing about your story. Otherwise, how will you know I wrote it specifically for you?This might be an object, or it might be a person, it might even be a setting. The more you specify, the tougher the challenge will be. You can also put any special requests in the box at bottom of the page.

Please, keep it clean and no requests for stories about real people (unless you want to be in your own story!).

How do I donate?

Once you’ve filled in the form, hit the “Donate” button in the sidebar and make your donation.

No donation = no story, but you only need to donate £1 to get a story.

What happens when you reach the target?

I’ve set the target at £365. At the minimum £1 a story, that’s 365 stories – or one a day for a year. When we reach our target, I’ll set it higher. How much higher will depend on how many requests I’ve already had and how generous people have been.

Got it. Now… I’m going to break you, Iron Writer…

You’re welcome to try 😉 If I do get a combination of things that I just cannot write a story about though, I’ll match your donation myself.