General Purpose Auto Suggestion Script

This is my “General Purpose Auto Suggestion” script that I have tailored over time based on the original text from Emile Coue in “Self Mastery through Conscious AutoSuggestion”.

I recommend recording this script for yourself on your phone and listening to it, using headphones, on a loop whilst going about some simple chores at home. Although Auto Suggestion does not a require a trance, you should ensure that you are in a safe and familiar place when doing this and never use a recorded script whilst driving or operating machinery.

This is an Auto Suggestion script. You will remain awake and alert throughout, completely aware of your surroundings whilst your subconscious mind hears, understands, and absorbs these instructions. Every word that you hear while you are listening to this script will be printed, engraved, and fixed in your subconscious mind, becoming a part of your normal day-to-day way of living. With no effort on your part, you will find yourself obeying these suggestions both physical and mentally.

To begin with, know with absolute certainty that every day in every way you getting better and better.

Now, from today and for every day afterwards, you will, three times a day at the normal meal times of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, experience hunger. That is to say, you will experience the agreeable sensation of desiring, without craving, food. You will eat and enjoy your food, without overeating. You will be careful to chew properly, turning your food into a soft paste before swallowing. In these conditions, you will digest your food properly never feeling any discomfort or inconvenience. Your body will assimilate the food that you have eaten and  use it to make blood, muscle, strength, energy, and life. Your appetite will be fully satisfied by these meals.

At night, tonight and every night afterwards, from the time you wish to go to sleep until the time that you wish to wake, you will sleep deeply, calmly, quietly, and without nightmares. On waking you will feel perfectly cheerful, well, active, and refreshed with boundless energy for the day ahead.

If you ever suffer from depression, if have been gloomy or prone to worry in the past, from now onwards you will cease to do so. Instead of these feelings you are going to feel perfectly cheerful, maybe without even any special reason for it. Furthermore, even if you have a real reason to be worried, depressed, or anxious you are not going to be so. You will be calm, cheerful, peaceful and in control of yourself at all times.

If you are also ever subject to fits of impatience or ill-temper you will cease to have them. On the contrary, you will also be calm and patient and the master of yourself. Things which worried, annoyed, or irritated you in the past will now leave you completely indifferent and perfectly calm.

If you sometimes experience bad or unwholesome ideas, if you are haunted by apprehensions, fears, inappropriate temptations, or grudges against other people, all of that will be gradually lost sight of by your imagination, melting away and vanishing as though through a distant cloud until it disappears completely. As a dream vanishes when we wake, so these unhealthy images will also disappear now.

I add to all of this that your organs are all performing their functions properly. Your heart beats in the normal way and the circulation of blood takes place as it should; the lungs are carrying out their function; as also are the stomach, the intestines, the liver, the kidneys, the liver, the bladder, and all of the other organs that make up your body. If, at present, any of them are acting abnormally they will quickly cease to do so, returning to normal day by day, until soon the abnormality has vanished and the organ returns to its natural state, functioning properly. Further, if there should be any lesion on or in any of these organs, these too will get better day by day until they are fully healed.

Remember that it is not necessary for you to know which organ, or organs, will be cured. It is simply enough to remember that every day in every way you are getting better and better. Your subconscious knowledge of your body will take care of the rest.

I must add, and you must remember, that if up to the present you have lacked confidence in yourself, that I am telling you that this self-distrust will disappear little by little and be replaced by self-confidence. Based on the knowledge of the incalcuable power present in each and every one of us, your new self-confidence will be far greater than any you have previously experienced.

You are perfectly capable of accomplishing whatever you wish to accomplish and whatever it is your duty to accomplish, on the condition that your aim is reasonable. So, when you wish to do something reasonable or have a duty to perform, you will always think of it as easy. The words and phrases “difficult”, “impossible”, “I cannot”, “it is stronger than me”, “I cannot stop myself from” will all disappear from your vocabulary. Instead of these phrases you will us “it is easy, and I can”.

By considering a thing easy it becomes so for you, although it might seem difficult to others. Whatever the task, so long as it is reasonable, you will be able to do it quickly and well, without fatigue, because you do it without effort.

To end, remember above all this and know it with absolute certainty. Every day in every way you getting better and better.