About CW Lynch

CW Lynch is the pen-name of writer, technologist, and hypnotist Chris Lynch.

Books, Novellas, and Anthologies

Chris’ first novel, The Magpye Circus, is available on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and other platforms. Bring together the superhero, supernatural, and horror genres, The Magpye Circus has attracted five-star reviews in both the UK and the US.

Chris has also self-published collections of his own short stories and the horror novellas “Blood Brothers” and “We All Ate The White Flesh”, the second of which was selected for inclusion in the award-winning Shadows and Teeth anthology series.

Graphic Novels and Comics

Chris’ critically acclaimed graphic novel “The Dark” was released in 2006 by AAM/Markosia.

Chris has also written for a wide range of publications in the UK and the US including The Judge Dredd Megazine, Arcana, Metaverse ,The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, 2026 Books, Accent UK, Something Wicked, The Sorrow, The Mad Scientist Journal, KZine, Wilde Times, Another Realm, 10thology, Midnight Hour, and Insomnia Publications.

Chris co-created the seminal UK horror anthology Monkeys with Machineguns. Chris also edited the Red Cross genre-fiction charity Anthology “Hammer of Time”.

Reviews for The Dark

“The Punisher meets Vanilla Sky” – SFX Magazine

“Glorious and unexpected” – Forces of Geek

“Highly original and inventive” – Hypergeek

“A great, fast read” – Geek Syndicate

Reviews for Monkeys with Machineguns

“A cracking little collection, trading mostly in creepy atmosphere and twists rather than simple gory horror” – Forbidden Planet Blog

“A complete delight to read… one to add to your pull list” – The Comics Review

“Some sheer talent at work here” – Owl in Daylight

“This creative team is sure to become a regular name in comics” – The Comic Fanatic

“For those of you that dig dark comics shorts with twists, this is for you!” – Media Gauntlet

Screen Writing

In 2015, Chris wrote the short feature “The Black Room” which is now available to watch on Amazon Prime and You Tube. Chris’ first feature film, “Offworld”, is shooting this year.

Amazon Prime Reviews for The Black Room

“Interesting and mysterious. I really hope next episode will be made.”

“Loving the concept of this show! Defo needs to be made more of them.”

“The Black Room is a great take on the superhero genre”

“I for one cant wait to see more of this”


When he is not writing, Chris is CTO of Cardiff-based eCommerce Specialists Gravit-e Centric. Passionate about technology, Chris took a lot of persuading not to build yet another CMS to run this website on. He shares programming tips and tricks in the “STEM” section of this site and is currently working on a book about SEO.

Chris is also the author of the best-selling “Budget Android Tablet Buyer’s Guide”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the “Android Tablets” book category. Chris specializes in creating eBooks that de-mystify technical topics and empower users to make better decisions and better use of their IT. Chris has also written for Linux.com amongst other trade publications.

Concise easy to understand and quickly read. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who did not understand the language of the tablet world. – Amazon Customer Review

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

In 2016, Chris trained as a hypnotist – deciding that hacking computers wasn’t enough and that people should be hackable too. Chris writes about hypnosis on this blog and is currently working on a set of self-hypnosis audio downloads.