With the cockpit/bridge shots behind us, the dauntless Team Offworld find ourselves in possession of a rather swanky looking spaceship set. And, a bit like when Han lost the Falcon to Lando, it can be yours.

We’ve made no secret of the fact that making a film is expensive and even with our generous Kickstarter backers giving us a far larger budget than we initially asked for, unexpected costs are still mounting up. We definitely need to get back to Parc Penalta to reshoot some scenes and post-production costs are mounting up fast.

To the best of our knowledge right now there’s no risk at all that the film won’t be completed; it’s all a matter of making it the very best film that it can be and repaying the faith that our backers put in us with their pledges.

With all that in mind, we’re putting the set for the cockpit scenes from the film up for sale. We’ve also agreed as a cast and crew to donate half the money from the sale of the set to a cancer charity here in the UK. So many of the cast and crew have had friends and loved ones affected by cancer, this seemed to us like an opportunity to not only support our film but also our wider Offworld family.

Terry has done a great job not only putting together the “walk through” video (above) but also giving a “warts and all” breakdown of what it will take for someone to not only buy the ship, but get it out from storage and get it installed in their own home. We’d by lying if we made this look or sound like an easy purchase – it’s not. But it is probably the easiest way you’re ever going to buy a complete spaceship interior.