Terry Cooper has written up a “warts and all” update of how the film shoot went, hot on the heels of the final scenes being “in the can”.


I watched the whole shoot from afar as I was not able to get to the set. It was a strange experience – watching people act out your script without you there to interact with, sometimes only seeing them in character as the people you made up in your head suddenly start to walk around, talk, and shoot at things. Ultimately, I believe my absence was for the best – I’ve never been on a film set and with so many experienced people working on the film, there were enough creative voices there without mine being added to the mix.

Still, there are some obvious regrets that I wasn’t there to support the team – they really have poured their hearts and souls into this project and many of them come away ill or injured as a consequence of the punishing schedule that we needed them to work to. We’re hugely grateful to all our Kickstarter backers but these guys, our actors and crew, are the real heroes of this project. They are bringing this thing into being through sheer force of will.

Next week the editing starts, a process I will be more involved in, and that will be my first chance to see the footage that was captured. I’m beyond excited. I remember seeing the footage for The Black Room for the first time and saying something along the lines of “Oh my God, it looks like a real TV show!”.

Well, hopefully, next week I’ll be saying “Oh my God, it looks like a real movie.”

Because it is.

We made a film.

That’s just a bit crazy, and I have a feeling the ride is only just beginning.