Offworld Cast Photos Part 1

  • 18278948_10158775835290571_659165015520173215_o
    Dan Ronson
  • 18319333_10158775783045571_5680446379263641337_o
    John Park
  • 18320848_10158775783760571_4863087815051558076_o
    Dan, Jan, and Sean
  • 18359222_10158775793285571_8766932636510092495_o
    Jan LePree
  • 18359478_10158775782965571_3138463164829960648_o
    Scott West
  • 18402257_10158775936615571_8230253118714411195_o
    Sean Kane
  • 18422161_10158775784365571_7701183612110105307_o

Aimee Hibbard from Sticky Ink Studios has delivered some fantastic cast photos for Offworld. If you’re following us on Facebook then you will already have seen them but, for those who aren’t… here they are.

I absolutely love the utilitarian style of the Tantalus II crew uniforms and how versatile they are in terms of how the actors choose to wear them. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action!

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