Since the Offworld shoot, I’ve been hungry for my next screen-writing fix. At the moment I’m working on two ideas with cast and crew from Offworld – a Batman “fan film” and an Edwardian ghost story.

Dyffryn Gardens is a staple filming location for BBC Wales, having been used in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and recently in Decline and Fall. It’s a fantastic place to visit and very inspiring. I wish I had take more pictures now but “The Devil of Dyffryn” has already given me some inspiration for a very Edwardian ghost story.

I wasn’t able to find much ghost-lore about Dyffryn except for some reports that the ghost of Sir Thomas Button, an admiral to Queen Elizabeth I, haunts the grounds.

I suspect it might be rather beyond our budget to film at Dyffryn in the immediate future, but it is certainly an option we will be exploring!