The wheels are now rolling on filming for “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne” and as a bonus for our Kickstarter backers the crew have put together a short film “Batman: Secrets and Lies” that is available now on YouTube.

It’s important to get a cast and crew working together as early as possible and with so much work to be done on the mammoth task of filming the main script, we all agreed that knocking the rough edges of performances and behind the scenes work with a few shorts would be a great idea.

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead Benjamin Franklin

Secrets and Lies is a little peek into the world that Bruce Wayne lives in when he’s not in the cowl and also how his support network operates and, in particular, the relationship between Alfred Pennyworth and Vicki Vale. Over the years Vicki Vale has been portrayed as everything from a vain society gossip columnist to a hard-nosed investigative reporter. In the modern world where many people read the most important news of the day in between two cat memes on social media, it felt to me like Vicki might finally have hit her stride. Vicki is the walking talking queen of social media in Gotham City – who better to cover Bruce Wayne’s tracks?