$10 million lawsuit settled by an Oxford comma.

The Oxford comma is a much-debated piece of punctuation. The famous (or for some infamous) AP Style Guide says that the “serial comma” is not required and many, many publications and websites follow this advice. If you’re not sure what an Oxford (or “serial”) comma is, it’s the comma before the last item in a list […]

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How to find Bubble – The Plain Text Markup for Comic Book Scripts App

There are currently three versions of Bubble available. Version 1: The classic plain-text markup based comic book script app, with a live preview. Version 1.5: The classic plain-text markup based comic book script app, enhanced with a script navigator. Version 2.1: The WYSIWYG comic book script editor   What is the future for Bubble? Bubble remains […]

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Output only the first piece of embedded media in a WordPress post

I like using WordPress post formats, especially for embedding audio and video. However, what I don’t like is that the only way to get the video, audio, or other piece of embedded media to show on your homepage and category pages is to output the entire content of the post. So I fixed it. How […]

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Feeling Blue – Giving Polymath a splash of colour

If you’ve been keeping up with the evolution of the Polymath theme, you might have noticed that things have gone a little.. blue. (Or, if you’re catching up late, then there’s a good chance that the blog has changed to a different colour entirely… being mercurial is a part of my alleged charm). All of […]

Why did Automattic just give away 165 WordPress themes on Jetpack?

Finding the right theme for your WordPress site is hard. One of the most difficult things, I think, is working out which features are free and which features you are going to pay for. A lot of developers fail to make it clear and you can waste a lot of time getting testing themes that don’t do […]

Polymath is (nearly) all grown up

My new WordPress theme, polymath, is very close to completion. Mobile testing is now complete and I’m happy with the layouts. The key break point is for small tablets; anything smaller than that gets the “mobile” single-column version and anything larger gets a multi-column version. Widget areas and Masonry layout I’m looking at better options […]