Output only the first piece of embedded media in a WordPress post

I like using WordPress post formats, especially for embedding audio and video. However, what I don’t like is that the only way to get the video, audio, or other piece of embedded media to show on your homepage and category pages is to output the entire content of the post. So I fixed it. How […]

Feeling Blue – Giving Polymath a splash of colour

If you’ve been keeping up with the evolution of the Polymath theme, you might have noticed that things have gone a little.. blue. (Or, if you’re catching up late, then there’s a good chance that the blog has changed to a different colour entirely… being mercurial is a part of my alleged charm). All of […]

Why did Automattic just give away 165 WordPress themes on Jetpack?

Finding the right theme for your WordPress site is hard. One of the most difficult things, I think, is working out which features are free and which features you are going to pay for. A lot of developers fail to make it clear and you can waste a lot of time getting testing themes that don’t do […]

Polymath is (nearly) all grown up

My new WordPress theme, polymath, is very close to completion. Mobile testing is now complete and I’m happy with the layouts. The key break point is for small tablets; anything smaller than that gets the “mobile” single-column version and anything larger gets a multi-column version. Widget areas and Masonry layout I’m looking at better options […]

Authorsite reborn as Polymath

If you’re a regular visitor to my site you will no doubt have noticed that things have changed a little today. What you’re seeing is the evolution of my theme for authors. Formerly known as “Authorsite”, I renamed the theme to “Polymath” to better suit it’s nature. I needed a theme that would cope well […]

Why I use WordPress instead of “Eating my own dog food”

A lot of writers have day jobs. We don’t talk about them much. They ruin the glamourous image people have of us – lurking in coffee shops, sucking up the wifi, using all the plugs, and making one small cup of tea last an eternity.  Personally I’m lucky in that I not only have a […]

Authorsite V0.3 – Time to start making it configurable

After another few hours of hacking, and I think Authorsite is starting to really take shape. It’s still monochromatic, it still has lots of widget areas, and it is slowly developing a sort of “newsprint” look that I personally really like. The next challenge will be learning how to use the WordPress Customiser and making sure that […]

Authorsite V0.11 – A site looking slightly less like a dog’s breakfast

More changes to Authorsite today as a I chase down the “perfect” super-flexible, minimalist, monochromatic theme for writers and authors on WordPress. I’ve changed the layout of categories, archives, searches etc. to make the Featured Images smaller and increase the amount of text on the page at any one time. It also makes the Featured Image worth having […]

Authorsite V0.1 / Why does my site look weird?

True to my word, I’ve been working on a new WordPress theme specifically tailored to writers who want a flexible writing workspace with enough features to help them promote and sell their books. I’m not ready to put the theme up on WordPress.org just yet, but quite a bit of progress has been made including […]

Building a better WordPress for Writers

WordPress is the de-facto standard for writers who want to set up a website to publicise their work. It’s such an important part of the eco-system for writers that I use it even though I run a business that has its own content management platform! Despite this, I don’t think WordPress offers a great experience for […]