Everyone knew about Airlock 7. Everyone avoided Airlock 7. Airlock opened on its own. Airlock 7 jammed sometimes. Airlock 7 told you your access code was invalid even though your access code worked with every other airlock. It wasn’t enough to say that Airlock 7 had a mind of its own. No, Continue Reading

The bomber dipped, breaking through the clouds. They lit up amber, orange, and red, illuminated by the fires and explosions from the battle below. Searchlights stabbed up into the night sky, but the bomber flew through them invisibly, thanks to Cecil’s carefully painted runes and sigils on the great metal Continue Reading

The victim waited in darkness and silence. It was faceless and formless, without past or present. Yet, the victim infinitely preferred the nothingness of the void to what it knew inevitably come after. Time did not exist here, yet the victim was aware that the void would give way, must Continue Reading