Belle fixed her hair in the mirror, carefully tucking away any stray strands of wiry gray that had escaped her hair clips and pins. She had had such beautiful hair once, but the years had been far from kind. Still, what girl wouldn’t have a few gray hairs after a Continue Reading

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” The words rolled off the salesman’s tongue as smoothly as the motor home had once rolled off the production line. It was well-worn patter, with almost as many miles on it as most of the salesman’s stock. “She’s seen better days,” replied David, kicking one Continue Reading

Oscar and Meredith watched the cave people drag the carcass of the creature into the cave. They couldn’t be sure what is was, something between a cow and a frog perhaps, it’s face clearly bovine, but it’s leathery skin and splayed back legs those of another creature entirely. One of Continue Reading

The Snyder Brothers weren’t smart people, but they were smart enough to know that when you got into trouble … when you got into real trouble … you went to see Cassius. And they were smart enough to know that they were in real trouble.

Wade drummed her painted fingernails on the steering wheel of the car. She hated this; a darkened car park, waiting for a mysterious informant, grinding her teeth because this was the week she quit smoking. She could feel her life descending into cliche. She felt flattened out, two dimensional, as Continue Reading

Everyone knew about Airlock 7. Everyone avoided Airlock 7. Airlock opened on its own. Airlock 7 jammed sometimes. Airlock 7 told you your access code was invalid even though your access code worked with every other airlock. It wasn’t enough to say that Airlock 7 had a mind of its own. No, Continue Reading

The bomber dipped, breaking through the clouds. They lit up amber, orange, and red, illuminated by the fires and explosions from the battle below. Searchlights stabbed up into the night sky, but the bomber flew through them invisibly, thanks to Cecil’s carefully painted runes and sigils on the great metal Continue Reading

The victim waited in darkness and silence. It was faceless and formless, without past or present. Yet, the victim infinitely preferred the nothingness of the void to what it knew inevitably come after. Time did not exist here, yet the victim was aware that the void would give way, must Continue Reading