The Novel Lady: #BookReview – Shadows and Teeth, Volume Two Over the moon with this review of the audiobook of “Shadows and Teeth” Volume 2, especially the special mention my “We All Ate The White Flesh” receives. It’s true… You really will never eat turnips again.

Review for Shadows and Teeth Volume 2 at DLS Reviews Man, don’t you just love it when an author’s imagination is able to conjure up something utterly unique from the most unlikely of places.  That’s exactly what author Chris Lynch has done.  Using Aleksey Tolstoy’s classic fairy-tale ‘The Giant Turnip’ as his inspiration, Lynch has taken the story further, wondering off the pathway of […]

Horror Story Collection #1 Free on Amazon Kindle

Horror Story Collection #1, will be free on Amazon Kindle from March 10th to March 11th. I’m experimenting with both boosted Facebook posts and Amazon’s own marketing platform to help push the book up the Amazon charts and hopefully pick up some positive reviews. I have a respectable 4 stars, but would love to pick […]

The Girl on the Other Side of the Mirror

Bodies had been dropping for the six weeks of summer when Melody’s phone finally rang. Six long weeks of heat, of death, and of strange stories. Murder was one thing. New York could cope with murder. But these were just murders. There was something different about them – something weird. Weird enough that, finally, someone […]