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On Time 0

On Time

It is not until you lose an expensive watch that you realise that what was valuable was knowing how much time you had.


Review for Shadows and Teeth Volume 2 at DLS Reviews Man, don’t you just love it when an author’s imagination is able to conjure up something utterly unique from the most unlikely of places.  That’s exactly what author Chris Lynch has done.  Using...



The library kept all of its books under lock and key, behind three-inch thick glass etched with runes from every major arcane school of thought, watched twenty-four hours a day. They weren’t especially dangerous...


Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

Richard was a ski instructor. In fact, he was the world’s last ski instructor… and that made him just about the most important person in the world. Or what was left of it. After the...


Chasing Down Leads

Ben stalked along the tow path, following the canal. It had been three weeks, since she went missing. Three weeks of searching. Three weeks of hoping. Three weeks of being told to give up,...



Belle fixed her hair in the mirror, carefully tucking away any stray strands of wiry gray that had escaped her hair clips and pins. She had had such beautiful hair once, but the years...


Skinny Detox Organic Soy Water

At one time the plaza had had shops on three sides and an open area on the other, edged with tended gardens and perfect for open-air art exhibits or street theatre. But that had...

As Good As New 0

As Good As New

“She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” The words rolled off the salesman’s tongue as smoothly as the motor home had once rolled off the production line. It was well-worn patter, with almost as many miles...


Goodnight and Good Luck

Oscar and Meredith watched the cave people drag the carcass of the creature into the cave. They couldn’t be sure what is was, something between a cow and a frog perhaps, it’s face clearly...


Blood in the Water

The Snyder Brothers weren’t smart people, but they were smart enough to know that when you got into trouble … when you got into real trouble … you went to see Cassius. And they...