Did Microsoft have the WannaCry fix for Windows XP in February?

https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/16/microsoft_stockpiling_flaws_too/ Microsoft have laid the blame for the WannaCry cyber attack on the NSA who they accused of “hoarding” software vulnerabilities and code to exploit them. Information now coming out as Microsoft’s patch for the problem is analysed appears to show that Microsoft had the fix ready in February. If this is true then it […]

Updated: Microsoft shouldn’t complain about ransomware – it’s been holding the NHS to ransom for years.

Microsoft responded quickly to the WannaCry global cyber attack, releasing a patch for the defunct Windows XP operating system. Since then it’s focussed its attention to launching scathing attacks against governmental agencies, such as the NSA, who have been “stockpiling” software vulnerabilities for their own purposes. There is a strong whiff of hypocrisy about this. […]

Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store

Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store Microsoft have announced that Ubuntu, and potentially Linux distros Fedora, and OpenSUSE, are coming to the Windows store. Yep, you read that right. Linux in the Windows store. We are not talking about a full blown Linux desktop here. There’s no Linux kernel, no X11, no […]

Don’t Like This Post / Why you should stop using emojis for your emotions on Facebook

A recent leak from Facebook’s Australian offices revealed how the social network has allegedly been deliberately targeting vulnerable teenagers, some as young as 14, with advertising specifically designed to exploit their emotional state. Facebook have denied the allegations. Some people have been shocked by this leak, but I’m not. It’s far from the “dark turn […]

Amplify audio in videos recorded on an iPad

iPads are great for recording video but they are pretty terrible at recording audio using just the on-board microphone. If you want to amplify the audio from an iPad video (or any video format for that matter), you can do so using ffmpeg. ffmpeg is an open source utility for “trans-coding” – converting from one video […]

Fixed Stuck Loader/Spinner in Webmin by Switching Webmin from Authentic Theme to Classic Gray Theme

Building a new server this week I installed Webmin from the Webmin repositories as normal. The latest version, 1.830 comes with the new “Authentic” theme installed as the default. It looks pretty good, but wouldn’t work on my server because of syntax errors in a .js file. The net result was that Webmin was stuck on […]

JQuery Hotkeys and KeyDown Explorer

Capturing keydown events at the document level in JQuery is an effective way of adding shortcut keys to a web-based application. The code to bind a particular key combination is relatively simple: $(document).ready(function() { $(document).bind(‘keydown’, function (evt){ event.preventDefault(); /* Add your code here */ }); }); This code works in IE (Edge) and Chrome. Firefox, […]

Now Tesla’s Autopilot Can React To A Crash Before It Happens

I’ve been saying for a long time that self-driving cars will save lives and for that reason alone we should be accelerating the work to get them road legal as quickly as possible. In the video (above) from a dashcam mounted in a Tesla, we can see the autopilot detecting a likely collision and applying […]

Fix: WordPress Android App 404 Error on xmlrpc.php

One of the reasons that I decided to build the latest iteration of my website in WordPress was the WordPress Android and the option of integrating WordPress to other platforms that I use through the WordPress XML RPC Interface. If “Content is King” the ability to add content to my site wherever I am (and whenever […]

Find large files on a Linux server using the command line

The quickest way to find large files on a Linux system is to use the find command and a “high water mark” (e.g. how big a file needs to be before you consider it “big”). This command will find every file or directory large than 500M on the system sudo find / -size 500M

Turn on clean URLs after installing LAMP on Ubuntu using Webmin

If you use virtual machines for Linux development, or rebuild your host OS from time to time like I do, resetting Apache configuration is something you do often… but not often enough to remember every little step perhaps! So, whilst this article duplicates others on the web, like the rifle from Platoon… this one is […]

Resize a Linux Virtualbox Virtual Hard Disc on Windows

Resizing a virtual hard disc for Oracle’s Virtual Box on Windows takes a few steps. These are the steps that worked for me to expand the size of a .vdi for a Linux virtual running in VirtualBox under Windows 10. Step 0: Backup your .vdi file. No excuses folks – make sure you backup your […]