Magpye: Circus of the Dead / Chapter 01 / The Living are the Interlopers

Everything in the circus was dead except for Marv, Marissa, and maybe Magpye. Nobody was sure about Magpye. Part of the problem was that Magpye wasn’t always completely Magpye. Sometimes he was Able Quirk, and he certainly looked a lot like him. A dead him, but still him. Other times Magpye was someone else entirely, […]

Magpye: Circus of the Dead / Chapter 00 / The Story of a Bird

This is the story of a bird. Once, a long time ago, this bird sat on the left shoulder of death and, other than for the reaper’s steed, was Death’s only companion. Together, the rider the bird and the horse went out into the world and hunted for souls to take to the afterlife. The […]