The main OffWorld shoot begins today. Or, more accurately, “Five days of do or die filming begin today”. The crew are already on location and have already started shooting scenes as I write this. They need to do an incredible amount – the schedule we have means trying to do Continue Reading

We made a spaceship. Well, Terry Cooper and a team of really hard working set-builders built a spaceship. I mostly sat at my desk at home and posted things like “Is the space ship ready yet?” on Facebook. Still, everyone has their part to play.

Yesterday was the first day of shooting for Offworld and the first time crew and ship had come together. Terry’s been keeping the final look under wraps even from me, so the pictures in the gallery below really are the first time we’ve had sight of what the interior of the Tantalus II looks like.

There’s a retro vibe to the ship interior that I absolutely love and I think anyone watching would be hard-pressed to say that anything looks “low budget”. There’s a layer of CG and post-processing to go on yet as well, lighting up screens and consoles and obviously putting the all-important space field outside the windows.

The Tantatlus II looks almost too good to crash. But crash she will…

We built a spaceship!

Today the first scenes from my first ever feature film will be shot. Today it feels official – I am a screen writer. Actually, I’ve been there before. Today, I’m a feature film screen writer. Big. Boy. Pants.

K-2SO is a re-programmed Imperial droid who specializes in strategic analysis. He was the break-out star of Rogue One, played by the peerless Alyn Tudyk. If you haven’t seen Rogue One, skip the video the below and the rest of this post. If you already have (and frankly, who hasn’t?) then Continue Reading