It even rains in space – The perils of writing weather on alien worlds

A lot of writers ignore the weather. It’s sunny when things are good. It always rains at funerals. These old tricks are sometimes considered a part of “The Pathetic Fallacy”.  But weather counts, and when you’re screenwriting for outside shoots it’s more than just mood. In a few weeks, my first ever feature length film […]

OFFWORLD Behind the Scenes Teaser vs. My Resting Bitch Face

There’s a 9 minute promo video for Offworld up on YouTube today, ringing in 2017 with some very clear shots of the Tantalus 2, some prop previews, a shot of the cast hard at work, and interviews featuring my resting bitch face. Yep, apparently that’s what I look like when I’m being  interviewed… Definitely need […]

The Day We Read The Script – First Offworld Round Table

Today was the first Offworld “Round Table Read” – that moment when all the actors have had the script for a little while but are now in the same place at the same time for the first time and start reading out their lines. To all intents and purposes, this was the first time that […]

Chris Lynch to co-write screenplay for OffWorld

Following on from my successful collaboration with Terry Cooper on The Black Room, I have signed to work with Terry yet again as co-writer for the OffWorld screenplay. OffWorld is a science fiction feature film being made in Wales that has already had a successful crowd-funding campaign, raising more than double its target in just 15 […]