Bubble 1.0 Plain Text Comic Book Script Editor Screencast

The original version of Bubble, based on an easy to learn plain text markup, is still available. If you can type or write a text message, you can format your script to industry standard using Bubble. Bubble Retro remains simple to use, will never use proprietary file formats, and does not require you to register […]

Be a Writer – You will make the very best friends

People think that being a writer is a lonely undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the great joys of my writing life has been to meet other writers, become friends with other writers, and work on shared projects with writers, artists, editors, publishers, and more. It may sound like the most awful, […]

The Power of the Daleks has been released.

There are many lost episodes of Doctor Who. Back in the dim and distant past when storage capacity was measured in feet and inches rather than in terabytes, unwanted originals were discarded or destroyed and in some cases simply “taped over” with other content. “Power of the Daleks” is one such piece of lost Who […]