New discovery – Belphegor’s Prime. It’s a prime number that is also a palindrome. It’s named after the Prince of Hell for ingenious inventions because it contains two sets of 13 zeroes with 666 in the centre. The palindromic prime number is 1000000000000066600000000000001.  

> My ability to predict what will happen to online brands and tools has been running at 100% recently. I was at Open University yesterday and, over lunch, talk turned to social media. I pointed out a couple of what I thought were important trends right now – Facebook are Continue Reading

Before filing cabinets, we had the coolest desks These really are magnificent things to behold. I’ve been considering swapping out my IKEA desk for an “IKEA-Hack” desk and this has really given me some inspiration.

This week, I took on my first task as co-screenwriter of OffWorld – writing small introductory speeches for each of the actors to record, in character, to be shared on the Kickstarter page. Writing seven monologues back to back threw up some interesting challenges. Did I know enough about these characters Continue Reading