First Photos of Supernatural Spin-Off, Wayward Sisters This looks interesting – after 12 seasons building up mythos Supernatural is finally going to go beyond the “Cain and Able” story of Dean and Sam. It will need a hook though, if everything is going to happen in one town. Maybe Supernatural’s about to get its equivalent to the Hellmouth?

On No Platform

I will never support the idea of “No Platform” for one simple reason… we do not know where it ends. Who will be chosen to decide who is allowed a platform and who is not? When the undesirables have been cast out, are the next most dissenting voices the next on the chopping block? There […]

Would you pay for Twitter? Twitter hope you will.

>¬† My ability to predict what will happen to online brands and tools has been running at 100% recently. I was at Open University yesterday and, over lunch, talk turned to social media. I pointed out a couple of what I thought were important trends right now – Facebook are struggling to capture the next […]

Writer Tip: Stop Bookmarking, Start Archiving

Tell me if any of these things have ever happened to you… You find a webpage containing a great piece of information for a project. You bookmark it. And then… You forget all about it You lose the bookmark amongst the thousands of others you’ve hoarded Your bookmark synchronization service goes bananas and you lose […]