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My ability to predict what will happen to online brands and tools has been running at 100% recently.

I was at Open University yesterday and, over lunch, talk turned to social media. I pointed out a couple of what I thought were important trends right now –

  • Facebook are struggling to capture the next generation of users. Their base is ageing and not growing as fast as investors want, and that’s why they are spending money to get Internet access to people who don’t have it.
  • Twitter is losing too much money and needs to find a new monetization strategy. I suggested they simply charged users a small fee, like WhatsApp.

Less than 24 hours later, The Verge and others are reporting that Twitter are working on a paid tier of services.

The legend continues – #mysticchrisisneverwrong

Does Twitter matter for Writers?

My answer on this is an emphatic yes.

Facebook remains a “walled garden”. Even if you share your content publically, the vast majority of users on Facebook are are not looking for content shared publically by strangers – they want to see posts from their friends/network.

Twitter is different. Hashtags rule and people connect and communicate with people that they don’t know far more easily. Whilst your initial view of Twitter is limited by your follow list you can follow almost anyone and engage with them. Facebook has barriers that Twitter does not.

Tweeting your blog posts and updating your status is a definitive cornerstone to building your online platform.

Should you pay for Twitter? Mystic Chris thinks you should and you probably will.