There are many lost episodes of Doctor Who. Back in the dim and distant past when storage capacity was measured in feet and inches rather than in terabytes, unwanted originals were discarded or destroyed and in some cases simply “taped over” with other content.

“Power of the Daleks” is one such piece of lost Who history, with only the original audio surviving.

Now, that audio has been brought to life by animation created from the artwork of none other than my old Markosia colleague Rick Lundeen.

Rick and I worked on The Dark for Markosia about six years ago – a transatlantic partnership born on the internet and that began with a short story called “The Escape Artist” for the anthology “Murky Depths”.

Rick’s innate ability to create movement and life in panels is further enhanced by the “motion comic” effects that have been added to his art in the new Power of the Daleks. However, for me, it is his masterful grasp of greyscale that I still find most striking. Every panel looks like it has been lit by a Lighting Director that Hitchcock would have given his right arm for. The trailer looks simply stunning.

I always considered myself exceptionally lucky to have worked with Rick and knew, back in those Markosia days, that he was artist who was going places. Turns out he was heading into the past, to rescue a disembodied Time Lord. Who knew?