People think that being a writer is a lonely undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the great joys of my writing life has been to meet other writers, become friends with other writers, and work on shared projects with writers, artists, editors, publishers, and more. It may sound like the most awful, diabetes-inducingly sweet cliche but if I never made another penny writing, it wouldn’t stop me. Not because I love it (although I do) but because I love them. Fandom, especially comics fandom, can be a pretty harsh community sometimes, but the community of creators has never let me down.

I was only joking when I asked Terry Cooper to answer the question “What are the 10 reasons that Chris Lynch is the greatest co-writer of all time” on his vlog, but he did. I’m a little touched, a little embarrassed, but very grateful to Terry for his kind words.