This week, I took on my first task as co-screenwriter of OffWorld – writing small introductory speeches for each of the actors to record, in character, to be shared on the Kickstarter page. Writing seven monologues back to back threw up some interesting challenges. Did I know enough about these characters Continue Reading

Hello Everyone. I’ve hinted at #ironwriter a few times here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, but we’re finally ready to explain what this challenge is all about and what it’s in aid of. It’s this – Autumn Star is a charity very, very close to my heart and whilst Continue Reading

NBC are carrying a story today warning artists and entrepreneurs using Kickstarter that the IRS could be looking into the money they’ve raised through crowdfunding. Whilst Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and others are emphatic that what you are giving are “donations”, the IRS are taking a different view… “The way these sites Continue Reading