Today the first scenes from my first ever feature film will be shot. Today it feels official – I am a screen writer. Actually, I’ve been there before. Today, I’m a feature film screen writer. Big. Boy. Pants.

> My ability to predict what will happen to online brands and tools has been running at 100% recently. I was at Open University yesterday and, over lunch, talk turned to social media. I pointed out a couple of what I thought were important trends right now – Facebook are Continue Reading

If you’re a regular visitor to my site you will no doubt have noticed that things have changed a little today. What you’re seeing is the evolution of my theme for authors. Formerly known as “Authorsite”, I renamed the theme to “Polymath” to better suit it’s nature. I needed a Continue Reading

Even if you’re not planning to do much CSS on your WordPress site, chances are you might need to tweak something. In today’s multi-device world, having a site that looks good on a range of devices – from phones to desktop PCs and those giant Apple Macs people seem to Continue Reading

K-2SO is a re-programmed Imperial droid who specializes in strategic analysis. He was the break-out star of Rogue One, played by the peerless Alyn Tudyk. If you haven’t seen Rogue One, skip the video the below and the rest of this post. If you already have (and frankly, who hasn’t?) then Continue Reading

Before filing cabinets, we had the coolest desks These really are magnificent things to behold. I’ve been considering swapping out my IKEA desk for an “IKEA-Hack” desk and this has really given me some inspiration.

Over the next few weeks (or maybe months) I will be revisited one of my earlier prose works, “The Magpye”, for a serious re-edit. The updated version will be re-published on Amazon (and made available to anyone who already bought the book) and an updated set of sample chapters will Continue Reading