Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store

Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE are Coming to the Windows Store Microsoft have announced that Ubuntu, and potentially Linux distros Fedora, and OpenSUSE, are coming to the Windows store. Yep, you read that right. Linux in the Windows store. We are not talking about a full blown Linux desktop here. There’s no Linux kernel, no X11, no […]

Don’t Like This Post / Why you should stop using emojis for your emotions on Facebook

A recent leak from Facebook’s Australian offices revealed how the social network has allegedly been deliberately targeting vulnerable teenagers, some as young as 14, with advertising specifically designed to exploit their emotional state. Facebook have denied the allegations. Some people have been shocked by this leak, but I’m not. It’s far from the “dark turn […]

#comicbookhour Question 5: What are the best examples of realistic comics you can think of?

When thinking about “realistic” comic books, the first and most defining factor has to be whether the comic book includes “superheroes” or not. I’m not necessarily talking about superpowers either – there’s not much realistic about Batman in many of his incarnations, for example. Comic books are not restricted to telling stories about superheroes. There […]

$10 million lawsuit settled by an Oxford comma.

The Oxford comma is a much-debated piece of punctuation. The famous (or for some infamous) AP Style Guide says that the “serial comma” is not required and many, many publications and websites follow this advice. If you’re not sure what an Oxford (or “serial”) comma is, it’s the comma before the last item in a list […]

Offworld Filming is complete (sort of) – here’s what happened.

Terry Cooper has written up a “warts and all” update of how the film shoot went, hot on the heels of the final scenes being “in the can”. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1962670634/offworld-british-scifi-feature-film/posts/1870713 I watched the whole shoot from afar as I was not able to get to the set. It was a strange experience – watching people act […]

Accent UK cancel Victoriana anthology

http://accentukcomics.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/victoriana-cancellation.html?m=1 Accent UK, one of the bastions of the UK indie comics scene, have canceled their long awaited “Victoriana” anthology. As a veteran of the anthology-space myself, and a contributor to previous Accent UK anthologies including Victoriana, I know just how hard the marketplace can be for anthology books. It has always struck me as […]

Location Scouting: Dyffryn Gardens

Since the Offworld shoot, I’ve been hungry for my next screen-writing fix. At the moment I’m working on two ideas with cast and crew from Offworld – a Batman “fan film” and an Edwardian ghost story. Dyffryn Gardens is a staple filming location for BBC Wales, having been used in Doctor Who, Torchwood, and recently […]

How to find Bubble – The Plain Text Markup for Comic Book Scripts App

There are currently three versions of Bubble available. Version 1: The classic plain-text markup based comic book script app, with a live preview. Version 1.5: The classic plain-text markup based comic book script app, enhanced with a script navigator. Version 2.1: The WYSIWYG comic book script editor   What is the future for Bubble? Bubble remains […]