First Photos of Supernatural Spin-Off, Wayward Sisters This looks interesting – after 12 seasons building up mythos Supernatural is finally going to go beyond the “Cain and Able” story of Dean and Sam. It will need a hook though, if everything is going to happen in one town. Maybe Supernatural’s about to get its equivalent to the Hellmouth?

On No Platform

I will never support the idea of “No Platform” for one simple reason… we do not know where it ends. Who will be chosen to decide who is allowed a platform and who is not? When the undesirables have been cast out, are the next most dissenting voices the next on the chopping block? There […]

Batman: Riddles and Lies

The wheels are now rolling on filming for “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne” and as a bonus for our Kickstarter backers the crew have put together a short film “Batman: Secrets and Lies” that is available now on YouTube. It’s important to get a cast and crew working together as early as possible and […]

The Novel Lady: #BookReview – Shadows and Teeth, Volume Two Over the moon with this review of the audiobook of “Shadows and Teeth” Volume 2, especially the special mention my “We All Ate The White Flesh” receives. It’s true… You really will never eat turnips again.

Scripting complete for Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne

The script for our not for profit fan film, “Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne”, is now complete and in the hands of the cast and crew. I’m hugely excited by the script – it was immense fun to write. Playing in my ersatz DC toybox has been slightly addictive and the toughest thing about […]

First shots from Batman: Exorcism of Bruce Wayne Teaser

To help our potential Kickstarter backers get a feel for the sort of film we are hoping to make, and the quality of the output our team are capable of as well, we have started filming a series of short “one shots”. Just a few minutes long each, they are all set in the world […]