Over the moon with this review of the audiobook of “Shadows and Teeth” Volume 2, especially the special mention my “We All Ate The White Flesh” receives. It’s true… You really will never eat turnips again.

Having concluded that I am not enough of a smug, infuriating polymath… I’ve decided to learn to cook. It’s been going on for a while, but I thought I’d start the food section of my blog with a snapshot of how limited my cooking skills were at the start of this year.

Basically, I could toast bread, poach an egg, and reheat stuff. Admittedly my poached eggs were, and still are, art but as for the rest… Well, the journey to culinary wisdom begins here!

Fifty Shades of Gravy

To help our potential Kickstarter backers get a feel for the sort of film we are hoping to make, and the quality of the output our team are capable of as well, we have started filming a series of short “one shots”. Just a few minutes long each, they are all set in the world of “The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne” and tie in with the main story.

We already shot the first overnight in Cardiff, “THINGS IN THE NIGHT”, and I think Pete looks fantastic in his Batman costume. This isn’t the costume for the main movie, but it more than looks the part already.

First shots from Batman: Exorcism of Bruce Wayne Teaser


Co-writer, co-director, all co-p. Terry Cooper has an update for us, and what an update it is! Firstly, have a premier date (also known as “The New and Terrifying Deadline which Must Not be Missed”)! Currently we are still in post, but CG work is underway and, having seen the Continue Reading

This July the comic creators of Wales will all be congregating in the Masonic Hall in Cardiff for the annual Cardiff Independent Comic Expo (CICE). Alongside fantastic guests such as 2000 AD […] Source: “It’s important to keep shouting about comics and comic creators!” Iz McAuliffe talks Cardiff Independent Comics Expo (CICE) Continue Reading Man, don’t you just love it when an author’s imagination is able to conjure up something utterly unique from the most unlikely of places.  That’s exactly what author Chris Lynch has done.  Using Aleksey Tolstoy’s classic fairy-tale ‘The Giant Turnip’ as his inspiration, Lynch has taken the story further, Continue Reading

The cat (or should that be bat?) is out of the bag. My next film project will be a not-for-profit fan film… BATMAN: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne. Hot on the heels of working with Terry, Adam, and rest of the guys at Offworld I am currently “on the home stretch” of Continue Reading

Coding an example SFTP client for a friend (using WinSCP) today, I realised I needed the 2048-bit RSA fingerprint for my server. You see the fingerprint the first time you connect to a new server and, normally, you will save this locally so that you can verify the identity of Continue Reading